Turgul: Rapid Fighting
Aim to be The King of Turgul Tournament!

Turgul: Rapid Fighting Available on Steam Dec 20, 2016

About This Game

A new story fighting game awaits to be played. Turgul: Rapid Fighting will bring your fighting game experience to a whole new level.

Aim to be The King of Turgul Tournament!

Stroll around, talk with people and fight the warriors with your mighty mouse rapid clicking skill!

Take a role as Bambang, a Silat warrior who devotes all of his life to the perfecting of his martial art style. He seeks strong warriors and does a sparring match (turgul) with each of them in order to sharpen his fighting skill, to explore his undiscovered own power limit and to become the best of the best in Turgul Tournament.  



- Adorable 2D pixel art with 3D depth feeling

- Strolling mode and fighting mode

- Original soundtracks

- Four chapters with simple stories and interactive cut scenes

- Interesting character cameos of famous warriors and super heroes

- Character level up transformations

- Interactive NPC

- Unique fighting mechanics

- Locked mode

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