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[News] Eternal Return Available on Steam for *February, 2017*

[News] Eternal Return Available on Steam for *February, 2017*

This game will crush you.

Face merciless gameplay to explore a cursed castle, discover the dark tales of its inhabitants, and kill the gods and horrors of a decaying world. Eternal Return combines retro graphics and old-school mechanics with modern nonlinear level design and storytelling.

Survive to Explore

Intentional slow pacing combined with tight controls like NES masterworks builds tension and horror during gameplay, rather than taking a cheap hack & slash approach. Players build their health, stamina, and arsenal up from nothing - and earn points by killing enemies to use special weapons to fight their way to the next shortcut - up and up to the tallest towers and observatories where cosmic nightmares watch the cowering world below - down and down to the buried deeps of the earth, where age-sequestered monstrosities brood - farther and farther in the labyrinth of Zerfall Schloss.

Discover a Story

Speak to NPCs, find written messages, muse over paintings, and explore meaningful architecture to learn or infer the forgotten tales of the crumbling castle and its fading inhabitants - including yourself.

Whether one wishes to preserve or destroy, we shall eternally return.

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