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[News] Toricky Development Stories : Soundtrack & Medley

[News] Toricky Development Stories : Soundtrack & Medley

Hi, Everyone,

My name is Arashi, and I'm the Creative Director of Toricky!

This time, I'd like to talk about the game's musics!
I think music is a key component of a game's universe and it was very important for me to have a soundtrack for Toricky which matches perfectly the game's world!

During 2016 we had the chance to be contacted by the label Scarlet Moon Records, who offered us the opportunity to work with two amazing composers

Dale North :

A talented composer for video games and digital media based in San Francisco,


Hiroki Kikuta :

The legendary composer of Secret of Mana, who also worked on many other famous games like Soul Calibur V or SEGA's Shining Series.

Toricky is a Platform-Adventure game featuring Toricky a green exploring bird always looking for new adventures! I really wanted the game's Main Theme to set the tone for the player.

Kikuta-san envisioned a treasure hunter in the sky, which fits perfectly to the character of Toricky who loves treasures! Resulting in the epic theme "Treasures beyond the Sky".

I'm a great admirer of the sound design on Nintendo's Mario and Zelda Games; especially how the musics are not used only for an artistic purpose but as an integral part of the Gameplay.

While working on Toricky's soundtrack, Dale took special care to make each track illustrate the situation the player is ingame.

Also, Toricky's world is strongly influenced by Japanese folklore and myths. I felt it important to highlight this atmosphere but without slipping into the Samurai/Ninja ambience. It is with this in mind that you'll find many discrete inclusion of japanese instruments like Biwa in the game's Fantasy Musics.

However, for one particular theme, we took our inspiration from WagakkiBand, a famous musical group from Japan which plays awesome Rock musics using traditional Japanese instruments.

I'll leave you to discover what track on your own!

Medley is here :

Toricky's release is for very soon! Hope you'll enjoy the musical universe of Toricky while saving Crystars!

Please visit the store page for more info.
Thank you for all of your support.

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