June 3, 2023

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Eco Sustainability: A Review of 5 Eco-Friendly Cars

Most eco-friendly car list: Tesla lands three, Hyundai has top spot

Keeping our environment safe from harm has been one of the biggest concerns that have plagued mankind from time immemorial. Degradation of the ozone layer caused by greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, water pollution that has endangered aquatic life, deforestation, and many others all lead to devastating effects.

To curb the menace of carbon emission hugely caused by vehicles, the need for eco-friendly cars  (hybrid electric or alternative-fuelled vehicles) seems to be a credible solution. Amon-Avis provides you with more reviews about such vehicles, customer feedback, and possible stores to obtain such products.

If you’re thinking about how to go about getting an eco-friendly vehicle, Pièces-Auto Store offers high-quality products at reasonable prices.

And this is why we have decided to have a brief look at 5 eco-friendly cars. Each of these cars gives an overall Green Score (GS) that serves as a measure of its relative environmental friendliness and also an Environmental Damage Index (EDI).

  1. Hyundai Ioniq Blue

Price: From €28,495.

With a GS of 66 and an EDI of 0.72, Hyundai Ioniq Blue is one of the safest eco-friendly cars to drive around. With a 200km driving range sustainable on one charge and its relative spaciousness, it is pretty okay.

  1. Toyota Prius Eco

Price: From €31,450.

With a GS of 65 and EDI of 0.73, this car has come a long way from the introduction of its very first version about 2 decades ago. Though its design still leaves a lot to be desired. The quality inside is highly commendable—enough room and credible levels of equipment. Its comfort can not be denied. The CVT gearbox drone has been silenced and fuel depletion as a result of long-distance journeys has been addressed.

  1. BMW i3

Price: From €37,180.

With a GS of 63 and EDX of 0.78, the BMW is a quite expensive eco-friendly car, especially if you put into consideration its spaciousness, overall size, and performance. But a hatch with a pair of rear-hinged doors, a carbon-aluminum chassis, and a long-lasting battery life, seem to compensate for those other features it lacks. The best model is the range extender which adds more life (around 100-120km) to the electric capacity.

  1. Lexus GS300h

Price: From €53,450.

The strong features that the Lexus GS300h can brag about are its welcoming silence on a long journey, comfortable seats, and a relatively spacious boot.

  1. Tesla Model S

Price: From €86,102.

Speaking about exotic eco-friendly cars, Tesla is in a class of its own. Its features include spaciousness with a pair of extra seats available and a large-sized touch screen. It has a good ride balance. Although it isn’t cheap, its overall design is nothing short of appealing

One thing to notice about eco-friendly cars is cost. Most of them are quite expensive. But this is an industry that keeps evolving as better innovative ways to cause a less negative impact on the environment are still been explored.