June 3, 2023

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Falcon Directional Wi-Fi Router: 3 Reasons Why Your RV Needs One!

Modern problems require modern solutions. We’re living in times in which the internet is an essential feature and we can’t get through the day without it. At the same time, we’re overwhelmed with the burden of society and we sometimes want to get away from all of it, which makes the problem of being away and still connected a true struggle.

Lots of people decide to travel for months in their RVs. They equip them perfectly, but driving around the country requires often leaves them without basic internet access. There’s no network coverage everywhere so they must stop by restaurants, gas stations, or malls to get internet and check their messages.

If you’re one of these adventurers, you know how valuable internet access is. Going out in the great outdoors is amazing and enjoying nature is something everyone should do from time to time, but without the internet, you simply lose track of life. See why connectivity is crucial today here.

This is why you need a solution that will be different than the standard. Going to restaurants and staying there for a couple of hours to get things done on your laptop is not the best solution. Instead, you can get an antenna bundle and enjoy the comfort of your RV while being parked on the side and still have top internet access.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of reasons why everyone who’s traveling with their TVs should get one of these items. Follow up to learn what makes us happy about having one of these and why they are so great.

1. You get to enjoy internet access right from inside the RV

If you have a US smartphone you most probably have internet access through it. The smartphone data usage can’t be compared to the static line and internet access. The speed and broadband limit are very different from each other.

We all need a static line and Wi-Fi connectivity to get access to our laptops and smartphones. If you’ve been driving all day, you want to park and enjoy a movie on your Wi-Fi-connected TV or laptop. You can’t do this through the standard data usage. You need Wi-Fi access.

Having one of these gadgets on the roof of your RV will get access to the nearest and strongest network. You can park on the side of the street or in a parking lot and spend an evening streaming Netflix. You don’t have to worry about charges, because this item simply acts as a Wi-Fi extender and provides a strong signal from the surrounding networks.

2. The range is outstanding

All devices we own have the option to connect to some of the neighboring networks. The only problem is that they are not designed to capture a strong signal, but rather use whatever gets to them. See more about this here: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-do-wifi-extenders-work

On the other hand, the antenna bundle will not only capture a signal, but it is specially designed to make it strong and extend the range. This is what these devices do – they make the weak signal turned into a stronger one allowing you to enjoy a far distance from the original spot.

That means you can be parked as far as 100 feet away from the restaurant you usually go to get a free Wi-Fi access. Now, you can enjoy the network without anyone noticing you’re even there. In the morning, you can freely continue your ride and do whatever makes you feel happy.

3. 5G network is crucial for tech savvies

It’s the year 2021 and technology is thriving. Although we live in some tough times that brought the coronavirus into our lives, we can still enjoy the advancements of modern technologies. These advancements brought us the 5G network which is different than anything we know of today.

The 5G network is an internet network that is 100 times faster than the previous 4G. It provides downloading HD movies within seconds and provides a stronger internet network overall. This means that you can enjoy your stay in the RV and have high-definition meetings with people all across the planet without worrying that the connection will fail.  


These three points explain why driving your RV around the country is no longer an activity that puts you offline. You don’t have to choose between the two anymore. You can freely drive around and worry about nothing. Installing a Falcon router means getting free access wherever you are. You just need an access point.

The days when you had to sit in boring restaurants or on the ground in dirty malls are over. You can now literally be in the park or anywhere that you’ll find a Wi-Fi network. The extender will do the rest of the work for you.