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Millions of tourists visit Spain each year, but why is it such a popular vacation destination? People visit Spain for a number of reasons, the most common of which are the admirable environment, incredible coastline, vibrant culture, amusement parks, and, of course, assured weather. One of the wisest advice is to visit OpinionesEspana so that you can get hands on good places by reading other people’s reviews. 

Spain also draws tourists who want to participate in sports like golf, as well as experience historical landmarks, cultural traditions, glorious markets, fiestas, and carnivals. Then there’s the option of a large number of high-quality resorts, hotels, hostels, and other forms of affordable lodging. Moreover, you can contact any auto business people to provide you with a car so that you don’t find any difficulty in exploring Spain with your family. It’s simple to see why Spain is the ideal vacation destination.

  1. Amusement Parks

We’re guessing that saying the words “roller coaster” makes your child happy. There are kiddie rides in Spain to fit everyone’s interests. The most well-known is possibly PortAventura World, which is around an hour’s drive from Barcelona. PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park, and Ferrari Land are all part of this massive structure. The iconic Looney Tunes figures can be seen in action at theme parks in Madrid.

  1. Water Parks

Strive a water park like Siam Park in Tenerife, Canary Islands, which has dead straight drops, a boat coaster with freshwater plants, a boat cafe, and the world’s largest swimming pool.

  1. Up Close with animals

What are some more locations you’ll enjoy? Cabárceno Nature Park in Cantabria is a breathtaking environment where creatures live peacefully and visitors can visit elephant and rhinoceros cages

Lacuniacha, in the Aragonese Pyrenees, is another fascinating biopark, where you can hike a mountainside to see the threatened European wild boar.

  1. Golf in Spain

Spain has long been a popular golf spot, and golf fans will tend to visit the country. You will not be unhappy if you play a round of golf on the Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca.

  1. Themed Trains

A ride on a tourist train is another enjoyable way of keeping the kids happy, which parents enjoy as well. There are many in Spain, like lavish trains that take multiple days to travel, such as the Transcantábrico and the Al Andalus, but we have a few that kids find interesting, with performers dressed in costume acting out plays. They all leave Madrid on the same day and return on the same day.

  1. Farmers for a day

What do you think about the family staying in a country guesthouse or on a farm for a few days? We can recommend a few places that offer fascinating agricultural tourism opportunities. 

In Navarre’s inland area, there are numerous farm homestays where you can tend to a veggie patch, observe grain harvesting, hunt for edible plants, or dairy livestock.

You can have a family trip on a ranch in Euskadi (the Basque Country) in northern Spain, where the farmers can show you how they grow weed, wine, or cheddar; and you can visit the Cider Community in Asturias and go to art, jewelry, or carpentry shops.