How to get a motorcycle from abroad

Some motorcycles are sadly not for sale in Europe or are very hard to find. This does not withhold motorcycle lovers to look for their favorite model in the best condition. Chances are some models are only to be found in the US or in Japan. If one of my clients has his or her eyes set on a specific model, the vehicle needs to be imported. That is where I come in. As one of the most experienced motorcycle importers I help people from all over the world to get the motorcycle they love. Importing a motorcycle or car involves a lot of paperwork and transport. Sometimes, it can be a real struggle to get a vehicle overseas, to Europe. With my contacts and experience, it is never impossible. I love my work. It brings me to all kinds of different places, all over the world. I don’t always collect a bike personally, but sometimes it is necessary to visit a dealer abroad. Since I love bikes, I don’t mind to visit a dealer once in a while.

Finding a vehicle

The first step in importing a motorcycle is finding the vehicle a client actually wants. Sometimes, my client already located the motorcycle he or she wants. Then it is a matter of organizing transport and getting the paperwork done. Often, clients call me and ask me if I know a certain type of motorcycle they want to get. My clients work in the automotive industry or are passionate lovers of bikes. Upon their request, I set out to research possible locations where rare bikes are sold. I always keep on the lookout for certain rare bikes, from which I know sooner or later a customer will want to buy it. Over the years, sellers have come to know me too. Sometimes I don’t even have to work hard to get a rare bike. Some sellers know exactly when to call me. This makes my work easy and fun.

Want to import a motorcycle?

If you are a lover of motorcycles and if you want to import a certain motorcycle, I recommend not doing that by yourself. You will risk losing the motorcycle during transport, paying too much or getting an incomplete vehicle. Instead, use the services of motorcycle importers like me. We know how this industry works and can get you your favorite brand and type within weeks.